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SAFE_PRESS (Line 5T00): Multijaws radial press fittings with Leak Before Press system

Press fittings for multilayer pipe of line SAFE_PRESS are equipped with LEAK BEFORE PRESS (LBP) system to detect water leak when the fitting is not pressed. This allows the plumber to easily detect the improper installation and eventually react promptly. The “leak before press” function guarantees greater safety and time savings during installation. Fittings have been designed and tested to be used with 3 different crimper profiIes: TH, H, U.


TRITONE is the innovative mixing unit with constant flow and adjustable temperature of each single circuit. TRITONE is a patented solution and it has been designed for the distribution of hot water at both high and low temperatures, in heating and cooling systems (high and low temperature heat generators). TRITONE guarantees maximum freedom in the design of systems, freeing the designer from the constraints of the existing system (in case of renovations).

LESTO: Quick connection system

LESTO is the quick connection system patented by General Fittings. The metal locking element allows a secure hold and quick coupling, without the use of additional equipment (no hemp, Teflon, operating keys...).

FLEXUS: Self-aligned manifolds

FLEXUS manifolds are suitable for heating and sanitary water distribution. Self aligning grants the aligning of the coupled manifolds without using any additional means, such as teflon tape or hemp. They are available with screws (6200 e 6300) or with mini valves (6200.R6). Flexus manifolds are suitable for sanitary, heating and cooling installations. Their configuration allows the realization of hot and/or cold circuits in parallel.