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Underfloor heating
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LOKI: modular manifold

The 6M00 SERIES manifolds called Loki with ¾” Eurocone outlets are the ideal solution for the distribution of water in radiant heating and cooling systems. The extreme flexibility offered by the ability to assemble them at will offers multiple combinations and helps reduce warehouse stock. The self-seal thread and O-Ring seal allow quick assembly and alignment of the connectors without the aid of any equipment and a guaranteed seal without the use of plumber's hemp or Teflon.

3400 GOLD-FIX: Axial press fittings for Pe-X and Pe-X/Al/Pe-X pipes

Suitable both for PEX and multilayer (Pex/Al/Pex) pipes. Heat treatment of the bush which guarantees greater plasticity, greater deformation capacity and less breakage. Great reliability over time. Low coefficient of thermal expansion value.
3400 Gold-Fix

SAFE_PRESS (Line 5T00): Multijaws radial press fittings with Leak Before Press system

Press fittings for multilayer pipe of line SAFE_PRESS are equipped with LEAK BEFORE PRESS (LBP) system to detect water leak when the fitting is not pressed. This allows the plumber to easily detect the improper installation and eventually react promptly. The “leak before press” function guarantees greater safety and time savings during installation. Fittings have been designed and tested to be used with 3 different crimper profiIes: TH, H, U.


The new THOR stainless steel manifolds are pre-mounted on brackets and are available with 1” flow and return bars. They can be housed in metal boxes and positioned in partition walls.