Sustainable Development



We give utmost importance to reducing the impact of our business on the environment: each process is optimized so as to
save energy and materials; we use certified and high quality raw materials and recycled plastic packaging. We continuously strive to reduce waste.

We strongly believe and invest in environmental protection.

Since 2019 we have joined the project TREEDOM - Plant a tree. Our project is specifically aimed at planting trees in Kenya for
offsetting our CO2 emissions and creating a true green area.

In 2024 we officially obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification, issued by an accredited external body. This milestone demonstrates General Fittings' commitment to optimising the impact of its activities on the territory through better management of raw materials, investment in renewable energy sources, and the choice of more efficient machinery.

Among the various initiatives underway is the decision to adopt a photovoltaic system to support the company's energy needs, with almost total coverage of the current production site and the intention to extend coverage to the new logistics hub under construction.



We invest in our relationship with the local community and territory.
We believe it is our responsibility and duty to give back the local community part of the value we receive from them,
taking care of people and the territory in which we operate.
We are particularly involved in initiatives aimed at children, who are our future. 

Fondazione Bresciana Assistenza Psicodisabili operates in support of psychically disabled people,
especially with projects aimed at children affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

PROGETTI DEL CUORE  progetti del cuore.png


We sponsor the cycling team founded by one of our colleagues in memory of his wife Claudia Arici, who died prematurely at the age of 62. The aim is to promote an idea of sport far from excesses and close to healthy values, while promoting the commitment and ambitions of the young people who are part of the Academy.