Art and business.
The values ​​of General Fittings through the language of art.
A collaborative project was created with the Venetian artist PEETA to enhance and affirm the company’s values. Some key concepts have been “fixed to the wall” through his art that will remain indelible over time, a creative language aimed at the future. An 80 sq.m. space on the façade is the large canvas on which the artist who is called to represent the dynamism and Italian character of General Fittings, will best express himself.

PEETA, aka Manuel Di Rita, known on the international scene for his visionary works, has an unmistakable style: his anamorphic painting distorts and upsets the limits of the surface, breaks down walls and creates three-dimensional illusions, thanks to his ability to combine different disciplines: 3D lettering, design, sculpture and architecture.

The project comes to life from General Fittings’ desire to communicate its identity through the language of art. “We are proud to be Italian, our production is 100% made in Italy” declares Luca Gambari, CEO of General Fittings, “We wanted to link our brand to an Italian artist known internationally to strengthen this value. For us, this also becomes an opportunity for art and business to meet: a dialogue to help spread culture, develop new relationships, learn to think outside the box and look at things through different eyes”.