Code Thickness Type Size Pcs. Bag Pcs. Box
5G00I5H051620T 2.0 solo gas 3/4"x16 10 100
5G00I5H052020T 2.0 solo gas 3/4"x20 10 80
5G00I5H052630T 3.0 solo gas 3/4"x26 5 60
5G00I5H112630T 3.0 solo gas 1"1/8x26 5 60
5G00I5H113230T 3.0 solo gas 1"1/8x32 5 25
  • TRIDENT is the exclusive and unique line of press fittings for multilayer pipe suitable for WATER, GAS and HEATING. Fittings are suitable for cold or hot water supply for sanitary or heating systems, installations of gas supply for residential use from distribution network or LPG cylinders or tanks to be realized with metal-plastic pipes, and for any kind of sanitary installation such as domestic, commercial, industry and farming and with non-aggressive fluids.
    Fittings of line 5G00 TRIDENT have been designed and tested to be used with TH, H, U crimper profiles. Fittings body is made of brass, while the sleeve is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
    The geometry of the fitting allows an excellent coupling between pipe and fitting after pressing and the plastic insulation ring windows allow to check the correct insertion of the pipe. Two O-rings guarantee the seal and reliability over time.
    Since the connecting type is irreversible (it is not possible to disassemble):
    - WATER INSTALLATIONS: it is possible to place the fittings chased in, taking care of protecting it from non-suitable materials (see certificate of conformity nr 0128/15)
    - GAS INSTALLATIONS: it is possible to place the fitting chased in, taking care to place it inside an inspectable sump unit.
  • APPLICATIONS APPLICATIONS T. min.  T. max  System T. Max. pressure
    drinking water -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    sanitary hot water -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    cooling -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    radiators -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    floor heating -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    compressed air -20°C +120°C  -20°C/+95°C 10 bar 
    irrigation -20°C  +120°C  -20°C/+95°C  10 bar 
    gas -20°C  +70°C  -20°C/+70°C  0.5 MOP 
    -20°C: with the use of glycol in a maximum percentage of 30% -20°C: with the use of glycol in a maximum percentage of 30% -20°C: with the use of glycol in a maximum percentage of 30% -20°C: with the use of glycol in a maximum percentage of 30% -20°C: with the use of glycol in a maximum percentage of 30%
    • Universal fittins: WATER, GAS, HEATING
    • Multitool TH, H, U
    • Certified O-Ring for water and gas
    • Simplification of code management and halving of stock
    • No risk of confusion gas / water and vice versa on construction site
    • Sleeve with colored stick for immediate identification of applications and dimensions
    • Plastic insulation ring to prevent electrolytic corrosion, and with windows to check the correct insertion of pipe
    • Raw materials complying with UBA LIST
    • Comply with UNI 11344 standards
    • Product traceability guaranteed by the date stamped on the body of the fitting
    • ISO 7/1 threads
    • Wide range [from Ø 16 to Ø 32]
  • Document name File
    5G00 technical data sheet PDF Download
    Brochure 5G00 Trident PDF Download
    Agreement Tehnic in Constructii certificate_5G00 PDF Download
    KIWA Trident Acqua_5G00 PDF Download
    KIWA Trident Metalgas 2_5G00 PDF Download
    KIWA Trident Metalgas_5G00 PDF Download
    Minsk tip Proiekt certificate_5G00 PDF Download
    UKR SEPRO certificate_5G00 PDF Download
    KIWA MADE IN ITALY certificate_5G00 PDF Download
    Trident technical manual PDF Download
    Conformity Certificate_TRIDENT PDF Download

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