Discover Trident



It can be used both in gas, methane and LPG supply systems and in sanitary and heating systems.



  • Sleeve made of AISI 304 steel
  • O-Ring
  •  Dielectric yellow ring (insulator)
  • Windows for pipe stop inspection
  • Brass fitting body
  • Compliant with D.M 174 of 6/4/2004
  • Conical thread UNI EN ISO 10226-1




Sleeve with identification stick

  • Intuitive dual use recognition (for gas and water), distinctive of TRIDENT fittings.
  • Easy identification of the dimensions of the produced thanks to the indications of the diameter.
  • Immediate indication of pressing profiles suitable for different diameters

Grey O-Ring


  • Grey teflon
  • Better sliding of the pipe in the assembly phase
  • Less probability of tearing the O-Ring in the assembly phase •
  • Seal preserved from chemical damage or aging
  • Double applicability as per product standards

Different pressing profilepinza_big_multiprofilo_768x400.jpg

The fittings of the Trident series can be pressed with different pressing profiles: TH, H and U. The fittings can always be pressed with all the profiles indicated above, with the exception of the diameter 26x3.0.