General Fittings SpA was founded in 1981 in Brescia, in one of the most prosperous Italian industrial districts.

Our most important values are:

Quality: of products and staff.
Research & development: new materials,new technologies, new knowledge.
Professional approach:to be a partner always careful.
Commitment: to supply a complete service to customers, as well as a valuable product.
Italian style: attention to details and a 100% Italian production.

Production and packaging

  1. Transfers department: we have 27 vertical transfer machineries and a “pre-setting” department – that is an area for the preparation of tools and other instruments needed by each production cycle.
  2. Multi-spindle departmentwe have 15 multi-spindle lathes, 1 transbar machinery (that is for the nuts production), 1 CNC lathe (for the manufacturing of big dimensions products)
  3. Packaging department: 8 packaging machineries, whereof 6 of them are to put the pieces inside the bags and 2 to put them into the boxes.
  4. Assembling department: fully automated machines for the assembly of our products.

Research and development

Our Research & development department is completely dedicated to the conception and the design of new products, as well as the improvement of the already manufactured one.
Through market surveys and customer requirements, this department always studies new solutions to be translated into projects, using advanced software. The most interesting projects are transformed into prototypes, that are tested inside our laboratory. The step forward is the manufacturing of the product, that is submitted to other tests by international authorities (in order to obtain relevant official certification). Then the product is sold. 


 There are three different areas dedicated to storage:
A space dedicate to  "finished product" of about 3,500 : in this area the pieces are boxed and prepared for shipment to the customer.
A warehouse of about 4,650 , of semi-finished material and pipes.
A warehouse of 600 for elements intended for the transfer department production.