It is essential to choose and use suitable products.
Not all products on the market are able to respond effectively to the required temperature parameters.
The parameters to consider are:
. The maximum operating temperature
. The suitability of the materials
The products of General Fittings meet both requirements: they have been tested and certified to withstand even high temperatures, with
a maximum use temperature that exceeds an average of 95 ° C.

Water temperatures


25°C -50°C : development 
35°C -45°C : critical range of development and proliferation
>55°: beginning of the progressive death of the bacterium
70°C -80°C :rapid death rate of legionella




These are the main conditions that favor the spread of the Legionella bacteria:
water stagnation;
• presence of scale and sediment;
biofilm [micro-organism aggregation];
• presence of amoebae [single-celled organisms].
inadequate water circulation temperatures in the system


 • limit unforeseen overheating (eg through insulation of pipes, correct positioning of hot and cold water pipes ...)
• organize the production and storage of hot water at temperatures above 65 ° C;
• guarantee an adequate recirculation line to support hot water and let it flow before using it;
• provide for the maintenance and cleaning of taps, shower diffusers and water storage tanks
• avoid sources of emission of water vaporized outside homes