Entdecken Sie Varmo Form



Thermoformed insulating panel

VARMO FORM is a traditional underfloor heating sytem, made with solid bosses in sintered expanded polystyrene


The bosses have an undercut to ensure the stable position of the tube and prevent horizontal and vertical movements.
The interlocking rigid coating film acts as a vapor barrier and gives the bosses mechanical strength . 

Easy installation

Thermal bridges and self-leveling screeds have a better seal thanks to the lateral overlap with pressure coupling, thus facilitating installation.


VARMO FORM_guida scelta.jpg

Energy class improvement

VARMO radiant panel system contributes to the energy class improvement of the building, and guarantees better comfort and energy saving.



Better air quality

VARMO radiant panel systems guarantee a healthier environment than traditional systems, as heating diffusion by radiation reduces the circulation of dust.